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Project Description
This is a fork of pgRouting v1.4 with advanced routing algorithm.

I decide to disclose this project as a show case,
anyway i suggest to check the new version of pgRouting instead of using this one.
This fork was developed at the time that pgRouting was a little bit buggy and not maintained for a while.
Main characteristics
Please note the original project is hosted here, since the developing of this fork other works has been done in the pgRouting prject itself.
The advanced routing algorithm respect of the pgRouting v1.4 are capable of:
  • compute Dijkstra algorithm with PQ.
  • candidate list using QuickSort
  • Compute Nearest Neighbour
  • compute TSP based on the overlaygraph with an asymmetric 3-opt heuristic algorithm
  • compute a single base depot VRP Insertion.
  • return the results in a format table as a overlay graph or in detailed for each node used from the routing network.
  • The structured of table used is described here: Graph Network

- Requirements

- PosgreSql
- PostGis 2.0
- C++ / C
- Boost lib
- OSM data imported in a structured table (see relative document for the structure of table)

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