the table for graph network is composed by these following columns:
(You can even take advantages of the osm2po utils:

• id: arch number and PK.
• osm_id: ID relative to OSM table (imported with osm2pgsql
• osm_name
• osmsourceid
• osmtargetid
• class: of the arch(freeway, road, street, etc..)
• flags: true if Oneway.
• source: from where it came from
• target: to where it end
• km: length (weight)
• kmh: average speed on the arc to weigth the cost
• cost:
• reverse_cost: cost of the arc other way round
• x1,y1,x2,y2: lat/lon of arc
• geom_way: column dedicated to the visualization

id osmid osmname osmsourceid osmtargetid class flags source target km kmh cost reversecost x1 y1 x2 y2 geomway

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